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The solution for the maintenance of your golf equipment

Maintaining your golf equipment

Shoes, clothes, bags and clubs require the know-how of CLEAN GOLF, a brand specially designed for the maintenance of equipment related to the golf business.
CLEAN GOLF has supported its technology on the experience of a group specialized in cleaning products since 1876 in the equine and hunting field and adapted it to the golf field.
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Our range of products

CLEAN GOLF products have been specially adapted to the specificities related to the field of golf and its environment, easy to use both for the maintenance of shoes, clothes, bags and clubs


Do you want to distribute our products? Clean Golf offers a range to satisfy your customers. Clean Golf offers a whole range to satisfy your customers.

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If you want more information about Clean Golf and its products or any questions you feel are needed, do not hesitate, we will answer you as soon as possible.