Microfiber Glove Clean Golf


  • A utiliser avec le savon Glycériné & la crème de beauté du cuir
  • Lavable
  • Absorbant
  • Une face pour appliquer, une face pour essuyer et lustrer
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Product applicator: « one side to apply, one side to wipe ».

The density and the thickness of the microfibers in this glove allow it to be used as a product applicator: soap, balm and grease for leather, shampoo, conditioner, polish, surface treatment, etc…, on any type of surface: leather, stainless steel, textile, plastic, bodywork, etc…

Absorption and cleaning:

This glove has been manufactured from microfibers that give it an exceptional absorption capacity (800 % of its weight). It absorbs both liquids and dust as well as grease surplus. In the equine domain, this glove offers a better dust absorption and a greater brilliance of the coat. It enables the coat to dry quickly and gives an excellent finish to the grooming.

Ergonomic: The glove is very pleasant to use and the softness of its microfibers allows it to be used on every support, even the most sensitive ones. It is very easy to clean by hand (after soaking) or in the washing machine (at 60°C). Do not use chlorinated products.

Additional information

Weight0,06 kg
Instructions for use

Use the Microfiber glove dry to wipe and to remove the dust. Humidified allows the degreasing of surfaces without leaving traces


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