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Référence 40840

  • Imperméabilise tout types de matières
  • Spécialement conçu pour les membranes imperméables et respirantes
  • Protège de l’eau et des corps gras
  • Effet déperlant persistant dans le temps
  • Dépose une couche hydrophobe très résistante
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This revolutionary product is effective on fabrics, leathers and articles with a breathing membrane. It is specially designed to allow you to re-waterproof goretex, cloths with breathing membrane and leathers time to time.

This product waterproofs any type of material without changing the permeability and breathability of membrane-lined fabrics. This product does not change the appearance and the touch of treated fabrics. Persistent effect deperlant protect from water, greasy substances and tasks.

Additional information

Weight0,23 kg

250 ml – Dangerous – Respect the precautions of use.

Directions for use

Spray from a distance of around 25 centimeters, impregnate cloth without saturating it. Leave to dry without rubbing. It is recommended to make a test on a small place to estimate the colour change.


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